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Terms and Conditions

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All buyers can inspect the vehicles on the day of sale prior to the start of the auction. All
Buyers must be 18 years or older.

Registration Process

  • Public Buyers Are Eligible to Bid
  • Public Buyers DO NOT require a DEALER LICENSE to register and bid on a vehicle.
  • To bid you need a valid Picture ID
  • A CASH or CREDIT CARD Deposit $500 per bid is also required
  • pre-registration is required for online bidding

Acceptable Payment Methods


Balance: Cash, money orders, cashier checks or wire transfer only


All vehicles are sold  "AS-IS, Where Is" with NO guarantees or

warranties expressed or implied. 

Must be 18 years or older to bid on any vehicle. NO MINORS OR PETS



All buyer are required to pre-register at least one business day before the auction day

Vehicle Inspection/ Preview

The bidder is responsible for the inspection of vehicles PRIOR to bidding. Inspection starts the
day before auction. Utilize this time at your discretion to do ALL your due diligence. This
includes without limitation physical inspection, type of paperwork, and/ or prior history
information. All sales are FINAL. Test drives are not permitted. Any person who tampers with
the mechanical setting and/ or removes parts from a vehicle (e.g. keys) prior or during the
auction will be charged with vandalism (California Penal Code 594 PC). California Auction
Resources is NOT responsible for printed errors or omissions in regard to year, make, model or
mileage of vehicles. California Auction Resources and its representatives are also NOT
responsible for any other defect in the title or registration paperwork, including the license
plate expiration.


EVERY winning bid will require an IMMEDIATE NON-REFUNDABLE CASH or CREDIT CARD deposit
of $500.00. 

Balance Payment

Vehicles must be paid & removed by 5pm the following BUSINESS DAY.
You have three business following the auction to pay your balance with a cashier check,
money, cash, or wire transfer, If the balance due needs to be liquidated within the three
business day, you will be assessed a $50 late fee. If NOT liquidated 5 business day after the sold
date, the buyer will forfeit their deposit(s). If liquidated and vehicle has not been removed from
yard 5 business day after the sold date, a storage fee of $10/day will be charged. REMINDER:
Transportation adjustments and removal of the vehicles from the auction site is the
responsibility of the buyer. No exceptions! California Auction Resources, INC, lessors, and
lessees will not recognize any claim for theft or damage. After the sale, vehicles that remain on
our lot are at the buyer's risk.

Minimum Bids and Reserves

All vehicles will be auctioned off with no minimum bid or reserves. Only vehicles such as
consignments, have a reserve. If the reserve is not reached, the bid will be sold as an “IF” bid.

“IF” Bids

AKA “OFFERS” are facilitated by the auction and state that a bidder agrees to buy a vehicle “if”
the seller will accept the offer within a specific period of time. The sale will only be canceled “if”
the SELLER does not accept the offer. Offers are valid until Monday. Bidders that fail to pay for
the vehicle after approval of the offer will forfeit their deposit.


All vehicles 10 years and older are sold as “TMU” (TRUE MILEAGE UNKNOWN) unless claimed
otherwise. California Auction Resources and its representatives do not in any way guarantee
the odometer to be actual, true or correct.

DMV/Title Registration

Buyer is responsible for ALL DMV and Emission Fees. All emission related repairs are the
responsibility of the buyer. Our Auto Auction DOES NOT process DMV paperwork for the Buyer.
We are NOT affiliated with any DMV Registration or Service business.  Vehicles must be
registered after purchasing it. Buyer assumes full responsibility for registration, sales tax,
transfer and/or ownership.


If a vehicle is sold as a type of paperwork "pending", it is NOT available the day of the sale. In
this situation, the seller has a certain period of time to deliver the type of paperwork to the

Car Numbers

A number that corresponds to the vehicle being sold appears on the vehicle's windshield.
If you do not make sure you are bidding on the correct vehicle and you are the highest bidder,
you will be required to purchase that vehicle. Failure to purchase that vehicle will forfeit your
future bidding privileges.

Green Light (if applicable)

Green light warranty is a 1 hour warranty on motor or transmission ONLY and is NON-
If cancellation of the sale based on the green light warranty is accepted by the Manager, vehicle
AND paperwork must be returned before the end of the 1 hour time frame. The test drive of
the vehicle must also not exceed 20 miles.

Media Waiver

I hereby grant California Auction Resources and its representatives and assign an irrevocable
and unrestricted right to use and publish images and videos taken of me during or in

connection with this event. I also agree that California Auction Resources owns all rights to
them, and the business, its representatives, and assigns may use them for any purpose and in
any form, in perpetuity, and without compensation.

Assumption of Risk and Release of Liability

Any person entering our premises for what-ever reason AND at any-given-time, agrees to
release California Auction Resources, all owners, lessors and lessees of any premises involved
with the event, all other persons and organizations involved in organizing, operating,
conducting, or managing the event, AND all other officers, directors, agents, employees and
members from any and all legal liability or responsibility for personal injury, personal loss,
death or property damage arising from the event or that occurred on California Auction
Resources’ premises. To the fullest extent permitted by law, I freely and unconditionally agree
to assume all inherited risks, hazards, and any, known or unknown, dangers which cannot be
eliminated particularly in a public place.


I willingly agree to comply and abide by rules, terms, and conditions. I also understand that I
may withdraw at any time.



Do not bid on any vehicle unless you understand all the rules of this

auction. Bidding implies complete knowledge.

           Paperwork Codes

                  T: Title
                  ST: Salvage Title
                  SR: Salvage Retention
                  OT: Out of State Title
                  ADT: Application for Duplicate
                  SADT: Salvage, ADT
                  SCERT: Salvage Certificate
                  LS: Lien Sale Paperwork
                  ADT/SR: ADT and Salvage Retention 
                  LLBB: Lemon Law Buyback             
                  TP: Title Pending
                  NT: No Title
                  PNO: Planned Non-Operation

NOTE: There are fees associated with each purchase
that you must add to your bid price. For questions
about fees please contact us or visit us at our
facilities on the auction day.

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